APPA Press Releases : pet stats

APPA Press Releases : pet stats

Pet Industry Grows More Than 5% in 2009 and Anticipates Nearly 5% Growth Again This Year
The American Pet Products Association APPA just released the annual comprehensive review of spending data and reports which shows overall spending in the pet industry including food supplies veterinary care live animal purchases and other services such as grooming boarding and pet sitting grew by 5 4 from 43 billion dollars in 2008 to a little over 45 billion dollars in 2009 with no declines in any category from 2007

Survey Says: Bird Ownership Brings Joy
Pet birds have flown their way into the heart and homes of American families. According to the 2009/2010 American Pet Products Association APPA National Pet Owners Survey bird owners reported fun to watch have in the household and companionship love company affection as top benefits to ownership One third of bird owners even made provisions in their will and named a caretaker or guardian for their bird Cockatiels continue to be the most popular type of bird owned 35 percent while Parakeets are the second most popular 32 percent Also interestingly the recent Survey reports the highest level of those owning large birds 21 percent in a decade

Pet Owners Make Health a Priority In 2010
Pet owners are responsible for keeping their pets fed clean and exercised Unfortunately unhealthy habits can creep into households with the best intentions Many pets are known for their affinity for food and sleep making it important for pets and their owners to stay healthy and active According to the 2009 2010 American Pet Products Association APPA National Pet Owners Survey 13 percent of dogs and 21 of cats are considered obese or overweight

New Survey Reveals Pet Ownership at its Highest Level in Two Decades and Pet Owners Are Willing To Pay When It Comes To Pet’s Health
American Pet Products Association APPA releases the 2011 2012 National Pet Owners Survey the most comprehensive consumer research providing insight on demographics buying habits and other traits of US owners of dogs cats fish birds equine reptiles and small animals

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