APPA Press Releases : board

APPA Press Releases : board

APPMA Announces Board Changes
Kay Schwichtenberg Named Chairman of the Board, Michael Farmer Named Vice Chairman, Michael O’Bryan Named Secretary/Treasurer

APPMA Welcomes New Members
Thirty-eight companies have been approved for membership by APPMA’s Board of Directors

The American Pet Products Association Announces Board Changes
APPA Announces Board Changes

APPA Elects Board Members to New Two Year Term
Bob Vetere president of the American Pet Products Association APPA is proud to announce the elected individuals who will serve on the APPA Board of Directors for the 2010 2011 term

APPA Board of Directors Elects Robert Merar as Chairman of the Board
The American Pet Products Association (APPA) Board of Directors elects board member Robert Merar, to serve as Chairman, at the annual meeting of members.

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